This holiday, give the gift of craft beer.

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Send up to 12 months of the highest-rated craft beer, personalized to your recipient's taste.

Perfect for any kind of beer lover.

For classic beer drinkers
They love beer, plain and simple. Show them a whole new world of craft lagers and ales.
For craft beer enthusiasts
Hop heads that only drink IPA, dark beer lovers that just want stouts, or Belgian fans, you got them covered.
Best beer gift for social beer lovers
For social beer lovers
If they love opening beer with friends, around a table, during a game, or at the beach -- make them the beer hero!

Why gift Beer Drop?

It's personalized

Unlike other beer subscriptions, we match the beer to the person. Whether they only drink one style or prefer to mix things up, you're sure to be giving them only beers they'll actually love.

Commitment Free

Whether you want to go for 1 month or 1 year, or need to pause your subscription at any time, Beer Drop never locks you in. Cancel anytime, no worries!

Ultimate surprise

Beer Drop is more than just a box of beer. By surprising them with Beer Drop, you're giving them a personalized gift that they'll enjoy over and over, sharing with friends, and for as long as you want.

One perfect gift, many fun benefits

Beer Drop Membership isn't just a box of beer. It's a personalized beer adventure.
The Power of Choice
The Power of Choice
We hand-select personalized boxes of beers to match the styles you love.
Beer Tasting Box Gift
Tasting Experience
Get tasting notes and brewery information for every single beer.
Box of Beer Gift
One Flat Shipping Cost
Whether you want 10 beers, or to 10x your order, shipping is always $8.
Always in Control
Always in Control
Add, modify, skip anytime. See a beer you want? Add it anytime!
No Commitments Subscription Box Gift
No Commitments
You're never locked in, cancel anytime. Need to skip a month? Easy!
Over 200 breweries
Explore 200+ New Breweries
Get access to a whole new world of craft beer not available in stores nearby.
Send a gift card

Let them choose their beers.

Step 1:
You choose the amount
Gift cards put your recipient in control. Let them choose the membership they want.
Step 2:
They chooses their favorite styles
Give them the power to set their own taste profile so they get the kind of beer they love.
Step 3:
You keep on winning!
Beer Drop is the gift that keeps on giving as fresh craft beer shows up month after month.
Best Beer Gift Subscription GQ Magazine

"Beer Drop's craft beer service made our list of the best subscription boxes because it allows you to get super specific when customizing your orders (which is a major boon for picky beer drinkers, whether you're more of a malt guy, an IPA enthusiast, or prefer a tart sour)."

- GQ Magazine

Beer Drop - Personalized Boxes of Craft Beer

Still have questions?

How do I gift Beer Drop?

We provide 3 ways to do this: a subscription, a gift card, or a single box of beer.


Do I need to be a member to gift Beer Drop?

No! Anyone can gift Beer Drop membership to anyone else.


Will my gift card or beer drop make it by a certain date?

That depends on when you're purchasing and when you need it to arrive by. If you're unsure, send them an e-gift card!