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Hop Butcher for the World

This Chicago-based purveyor of hoppy treats makes some of the best hazy IPAs on the planet. They don't have a taproom but we have their beer for a limited time.
Starting at $13.98

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  1. Over Yonder Brewing - Orange Whip - Milkshake IPA
    Orange Whip
  2. Brouwerij West - Dig My Earth - Hazy DIPA
    Dig My Earth
  3. Thin Man Brewery - Trial By Wombat - NEIPA w/ Galaxy
    Trial by Wombat
  4. Progression Brewing - Evolve - Double NEIPA
  5. Progression Brewing - Connect the Dots - Kviek NEIPA
    Connect the Dots
  6. New Image Brewing - East Coast Transplant - Vermont-Style DIPA
    East Coast Transplant
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Seasonal Favorites

When the leaves change color, so does the beer in your glass! Shop our favorite malty and dark styles.
  1. Capella Porter
    Capella Porter
  2. Easy Cactus
    Easy Cactus
  3. El Jefe Picante
    El Jefe Picante
  4. Deep Roots
    Deep Roots
  5. Knotted Root - Cover Art - Imperial Coffee Porter
    Cover Art
  6. Bootstrap Brewery - Wreak Havoc - Imperial Red
    Wreak Havoc
  7. WestFax Brewing Co - Hometown Coffee Stout - Coffee Stout
    Hometown Coffee Stout
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