Beer Drop

What is Beer Drop?

Beer Drop is a subscription program built specifically for you. Fresh beer matched to your tastes, delivered on your schedule.


How does Beer Drop work?

Set up your taste profile and tell us where you want your beers to be delivered. From there you’ll start getting fresh beer on your doorstep. You can be as involved or as hands-off as you want.


How do you choose which beers are recommended?

His name is Randy. He wears a parka and lives in our beer cooler. He knows how many toothpicks hit the floor and can recite Pi backwards. Each monday Randy runs our algorithm that picks out the highest rated beers that you haven’t had before, matched to your taste profile.


Can I choose the beers for each Beer Drop myself?

We’ll always give you recommendations for the beers we think you’ll like the best. If you are an Adventure Seeker or Hype Hunter level Beer Drop member you can go into your account and swap to your heart’s desire once the recommendations are set. Add as many beers as you’d like from our ever changing list of available beers. Easy Drinker members can not swap their beers, however if you have specific dietary restrictions such as a peanut allergy let us know and we'll do our best to accommodate you.


When do I find out which beers are in my Drop?

You’ll get a preview of the beers that we recommend for your Beer Drop the Monday before your scheduled shipment. Make sure to keep an eye on your inbox, it’s like unwrapping a birthday present every time you open your preview email.


How do I get a beer again if I really liked it?

You can add any beer of your choosing to your Beer Drop, or swap it for one of the recommended beers if your plan includes that capability. You can also place additional one off orders through the main site at


How can I change my beers?

Once your preview email comes out, you can log into your account and change the beers in your drop. Log into your account and hit the ‘swap’ button and you can change out any beers you like. This feature is only available to Adventure Seeker and Hype Hunter members.


When will my Beer Drop be sent?

You can see the Drop date when you log into your account. You will receive additional communications once your beer is on its way informing you of estimated shipping times.


Can I exclude beers from my recommendations?

Click on Beer Drop Preferences in your account navigation and you can change your flavor preferences, ABV limits and more. We take all of this into account when recommending beers.


Can I skip a drop?

Absolutely - this is your world, we’re just livin’ in it. Skip as many deliveries as you want with your Beer Drop subscription. We’ll be here to get you beer when you’re ready for it.


When am I charged?

We’ll run your card 24 hours after you receive your preview email. This is a few days before your scheduled drop date.


Will I be charged extra for swapping beers?

Swapping is free, but if you add more expensive beers, you may be charged if you go over the threshold. You can get up to $50 worth of beer with each drop, you will be charged the difference for the value exceeding $50.


How do I pause or cancel my Beer Drop subscription?

Just shoot us an email at and we’ll make sure get you taken care of.